Prodotti personalizzati


The ideal partner does not stop at “standard” solutions

CROCCO Spa aims at being a partner rather than just a supplier. That is why, in addition to its wide range of standard multi-purpose products, CROCCO also supplies personalised solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs.

CROCCO works as an indispensable partner to its customers to overcome any problems associated with the use of its products, to develop tailored products and solutions for new applications, and to constantly improve performance by using the latest resins available.

This same customer-oriented approach is found in the way in which CROCCO guarantees conformity to the latest EU standards governing the composition of raw materials.

Thanks to perfect synergy between Customer Service, R&D and the in-house test laboratory, CROCCO can offer customers a truly personalised turnkey service. And superior solutions flow from the rigorous implementation of the company’s Quality System, conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Prodotti personalizzati


Crocco Customer Service: the true value of all-round expertise

CROCCO Spa has always kept a watchful eye on technical developments capable of improving the performance and machinability of packaging film.
The companies activities in this field are based on close co-operation with its customers. CROCCO was the first Italian film manufacturer to establish its own dedicated CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. This pool of experts has now been assisting customers before, during and after sales for over ten years.

In addition to all the usual consulting and sampling services, CROCCO CUSTOMER SERVICE also visit customers’ production plants to ensure that CROCCO products are used in the most effective possible way and to provide customers with useful ideas and prompt answers to their technical questions.

CROCCO CUSTOMER SERVICE provides all-round consultation:

Technical: CUSTOMER SERVICE follows the plate development process from the design stage to the delivery of the finished product ready for printing. Liaison with the Marketing department ensures superior performance and a re-print quality that remains constant over time.
Sales: CUSTOMER SERVICE works in close conjunction with the Sales department to coordinate all the “technical” aspects of a sale, visit customer plants, speak with production managers and collate all the information needed to identify the exact needs and pecifications of each individual customer.
Print: if the customer or customer’s agent so wishes, CUSTOMER SERVICE can provide assistance during the start-up of new print processes.
Production processes: if any complaints are received, or any problems with film identified, CUSTOMER SERVICE immediately visits the customer’s plant to obtain a precise evaluation of the situation and to discuss solutions with all the functions involved.

Prodotti personalizzati


Crocco: quality goes well beyond the product

The ability to innovate and develop highly competitive products is not, on its own, enough to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Knowing this, CROCCO Spa insists on professionalism and dedication from its sales network, expertise from its technical assistance and excellence from its customer service.

CROCCO customers can always depend on a speedy, reliable response well beyond the moment of product Xion.