Plain Single - Wound and centerfold film

PE high quality products for industrial packaging, shrink or non-shrink, specifically created for bundling machines, wrappers, vertical and horizontal bag filling machines and L-sealers. They can be used in a wide range of business fields such as beverages, cannery, brick, paper, pharmaceutical and food industries. Supplied in reels this film can have different slip levels, it can be colored, with the addition of UV inhibitors to resist degradation due to sunlight and UV Barrier inhibitors to protect the packed product.

♦ Mono or co-extruded film up to 5 layers.

♦ Specifically formulated for sealing bars, shrinkwrappers and high speed wrap-around cartoning machines.

♦ Excellent sealing and retraction performances.

♦ Slip and antiblock characteristics according to customer’s needs.

♦ Shrinking can be improved with special micro-perforation.

♦ Possible additional customizations: pre-cutting, micro or macro-perforations.

♦ Easy opening devices with ZIPACK®, PICPACK® and EASY UP®.

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Plain Single - Wound and centerfold film
Characteritics Width (mm) Circumference (mm) Thickness 8my)
Single-wound film 200 - 2750 - 20 - 200
Centrefold 400 - 2150 4300 20 - 200


the new Sustainable Innovation model for flexible packaging

We support our customers to reach emissions reduction during the life cycle of their products. Greenside is a Sustainable Innovation Model for the complete range of Crocco products.

Available solutions for this product:

Carbon Neutral Downgauging Biobased Use of rPE

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