With our Greenside products we support our customers through an authentic green partnership to reduce emissions during the life cycle of their products.

 Greenside is a Sustainable Innovation Model for the complete range of Crocco products. Available solutions:                                                                            

  • a carbon neutral film with compensated emissions.
  • an Eco-Design program to reduce the enviromental impact.
  • Downgauging.
  • use of recycled or bio-based raw materials

Carbon Neutral

CO2 emissions analysis
An innovative method to promote a low carbon economy and to provide a Carbon Neutral product supporting the emissions reduction programs of our customers

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The reduction of the packaging thickness results in a lower film quantity for every packaged unit and leads, as a consequence, to a reduction of CO2-eq emissions

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Development of products with renewable raw materials.
The bio-based polyethylene’s features are very similar to the traditional fossil-fuel based products. The difference is in the raw materials origin: in bio-based polyethylene they come from renewable vegetable sources (biomasses)

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Use of rPE

Use of recycled / regenerated material.
The use of recycled polyethylene in films currently produced only with first choice polymers closes the loop between end-of-life materials and raw materials, creating a real circular economy.

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Compostable cling film

From the innovation of an all-Italian supply chain the first biodegradable and compostable cling film from renewable sources has seen the light. A new product for food packaging that at the end of its life turns into a resource for the environment.

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