Crocco: over 50 years of quality, innovation and leadership.

Founded in 1967 by Bruno and Luciana Crocco, CROCCO SpA SB is one of the leading companies in the field of flexible packaging characterised by a very high level of technology and the achievement of the most ambitious sustainability goals. Thanks to its know-how and constant commitment to research and innovation, the company has been able to distinguish itself over the years, becoming a national and international benchmark for sustainable packaging.

This is why CROCCO has initiated the “Greenside” project, an eco-design and production model for flexible packaging that can guarantee the customer a reduced environmental impact throughout the product life cycle.

CROCCO has four production sites in Italy and a sales subsidiary in Germany, with a total area of 65,000 square metres. This high production capacity, combined with its flexibility in responding to market needs, makes the company capable of satisfying the quality and cutting-edge demands of its numerous customers both in Italy and in the more than 30 countries around the world where it distributes its packaging.

On 12/21/2023 Crocco was constituted as a Benefit Corporation. - Download PDF files

Crocco in the world

Crocco in the world
Production plants
Company totally active in waste recovery and regeneration
45 %
Export in 32 countries
70.000 m2
Total dimensions of production area


From the outset, our company's mission has been to ensure that every customer receives the perfect combination of quality, service and price. What we are aiming for is not just a business relationship but the achievement of a constructive and lasting partnership. Our philosophy is customer-oriented and is embodied in a range of innovative and competitive products, professional and reliable services, and a sales and service system that aims to always maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction.


Compared to our ideals, we always like to be one step ahead. Our vision, One Step Ahead, allows us to realize what we believe in, anticipating and predicting demands and proposing solutions in step with the times. In this way, Crocco S.p.A. becomes one of the promoters of innovation within the flexible packaging sector.


The values that guide us on a daily basis and underpin the management of Crocco SpA SB are:

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Respect for others
Respect for others


Crocco SpA SB is actively committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations.
Of the 17 goals, nine were considered applicable to Crocco SpA SB:

  • 3
    Health and well-being
  • 5
    Gender Equality
  • 7
    Clean and accessible energy
  • 8
    Decent work and economic growth
  • 9
    Business, innovation and infrastructure
  • 10
    Reducing inequalities
  • 11
    Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 12
    Responsible consumption and production
  • 13
    Fighting climate change

The next objective will be to develop a pathway that aims to spread the messages of the 2030 Agenda in order to involve our stakeholders as much as possible in the awareness of the importance of the Global Goals, thus helping us to prioritise them.


Success demands team work

One of the most important factors behind Crocco success is without doubt the team of specialists that is dedicated to achieving the company’s mission.

CROCCO has always believed in the importance of human resources as fundamental means to achieve its goals in terms of innovation, flexibility, and product and service quality.

Reaching, maintaining, and above all exceeding these challenging aims require team work and a workforce motivated, expert and dedicated to professional development.


Valuable relationships that lead to shared success.

Crocco SpA's relationships are not only with its internal team but also with a number of external stakeholders such as suppliers. Among these, Crocco SpA works with: Borealis, Dow Chemical, Exxonmobil, Lyondell Basell, Sabic, Total, Versalis.


A complete range of top quality products

CROCCO Spa aims to satisfy all customers’ needs in flexible packaging. In fact, CROCCO complete range of superior quality products provides the most effective and competitive solution.

CROCCO also works closely with its customers to develop special products and solutions tailored to meet all specific needs.


Innovation in flexible packaging

CROCCO Spa has always had a clear mission: to guarantee each and every customer an unbeatable mix of quality, service and price.

This customer-oriented philosophy is put into practice through a complete range of highly innovative and competitive products, plus reliable professional services, and a sales and assistance organisation capable of maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

This same satisfaction is guaranteed by the competence, precision and speed with which CROCCO develops new ideas and delivers innovative customised solutions, backed up by continuous quality control.


Quality and the environment: excellence is our priority

CROCCO Spa was the first flexible packaging manufacturer in Italy to achieve UNI-EN ISO 9001 certification. CROCCO has invested in advanced manufacturing and management systems to ensure meticulous quality control throughout all production steps.

CROCCO Quality Policy is kept constantly up to date; everyone in the company is involved in ensuring innovation and reliability not only in products but in environmental management too. All production scrap material is recycled and converted into polyethylene cores to meet the urgent environment issues.