Printed non-fusion gusseted tubing and hoods

These products are formulated for non-fusion packaging. The range includes single-wound and centerfold film, gusseted tubing and hoods. Co-extruded up to 5 layers, these films are designed as secondary wrapping on PE shrink wrapped items to prevent films bonding together during the heat shrinking process. Available in a wide range of sizes, these products can be clear, light tint or opaque in color. They can be printed up to 10 colors in HD technology (single-wound and centerfold film) or up to 6 colors (gusseted tubing and hoods).

♦ Supplied as single and on the reels with customized diameters and sizes.

♦ To be used with glass, paper, ceramics, brick, industrial adhesive products.

♦ Co-extruded up to 3 layers, with a special non-fusion internal layer.

♦ Addition of UV inhibitors to resist degradation due to sunlight for up to 18 months.

♦ Both clear or colored and flexo printed up to 3 colors each side.

♦ Possible additional customization: micro or macro-perforation.

Printed non-fusion gusseted tubing and hoods
Characteristics Width (mm) Circumference (mm) Thickness (my) Colors
Printed 500 - 2500 7600 35 - 150 up to 6


the new Sustainable Innovation model for flexible packaging

We support our customers to reach emissions reduction during the life cycle of their products. Greenside is a Sustainable Innovation Model for the complete range of Crocco products.

Available solutions for this product:

Carbon Neutral Downgauging Biobased Use of rPE

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