Crocco high performance stretch films represent the new generation of pallet wrapping films. Produced with innovative raw materials, they are multi-layer co-extruded on high technology lines. In spite of low thicknesses, Crocco high performance stretch films provide the same wrapping tightness and stability as the best traditional films, but at lower costs.

DVST1 = cast co-extruded film for automatic and semi-automatic use, with brake or electromagnetic clutch. Excellent resistance to puncture, good wrapping tightness.

Characteristics Width (mm) Thickness (my) Pre-stretch  (for 23my)
DVS TI 250 - 2500 10 - 35 -

the new Sustainable Innovation model for flexible packaging

We support our customers to reach emissions reduction during the life cycle of their products. Greenside is a Sustainable Innovation Model for the complete range of Crocco products.

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Carbon Neutral Downgauging Biobased

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