Aliprot Jumbo (Cling Film)

Polyethylene food stretch film, ideal for fresh food packaging and suitable for direct contact with all types of foodstuff, including those with a high fat content (butter, oil, marinated). Available for both manual wrapping in deli and fish departments and automatic horizontal machines (red meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables).

♦ Available in 6200 meter reels (standard length) with inside core diameter of 76 mm

♦ Migration tests according to 10/2011/EC show lower values (1/10) than the limits specified by the EC Directive.

♦ Atoxic and odourless, it does not contain any chlorine and / or any plasticizers.

♦ It is 100% recyclable.

♦ It is more than 25% lighter compared to traditional PVC; this means less waste and remarkable reduction of  environmental impact.

♦ High puncture resistance.

♦ High resistance and conformity for food contact to extreme temperatures (tested up to 70°C and up to -25°C).


Aliprot Jumbo (Cling Film)
Characteristics Width (mm) Thickness (my) Colors
Aliprot Jumbo 280, 290, 300, 450 9, 10, 11, 12  - 


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