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Compostable cling film

From the innovation of an all-Italian supply chain the first biodegradable and compostable cling film from renewable sources has seen the light. A new product for food packaging that at the end of its life turns into a resource for the environment. More and more towards a circular economy favorable to the planet. Crocco presents LEAF, the compostable food film.

LEAF is the new compostable cling film developed by CROCCO for the automatic and manual packaging of fresh food. LEAF is produced with , the Novamont bioplastic with incomparable ecological performances: thanks to its biodegradability and compostability it can be disposed of within the organic fraction for industrial composting. LEAF can be used in direct contact with foods, even those with a high fat content. Its compostable and biodegradable characteristics have been assessed according to current legislation (UNI EN 13432) and the conformity of the product is guaranteed by the procedures for assigning the "OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL" and “OK COMPOST HOME” conformity mark issued by TUV Austria.


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the new Sustainable Innovation model for flexible packaging

We support our customers to reach emissions reduction during the life cycle of their products. Greenside is a Sustainable Innovation Model for the complete range of Crocco products.

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