Recommended in the industrial and plants nurseries markets, where it is necessary to avoid inside moisture or to compact shrubs in order to optimize transportation. It is an ideal product for the correct packing of materials with high specific weight.

Available both for manual and automatic applications without pre-stretch.

Characteristics Manual TRM Automatic TRA
Width (mm) 400 400
Reels length (mt) 500 1500
N° reinforce 10 (di cui 8 doppi) 10 (di cui 8 doppi)
Weight/meter (gr) 5,70 5,70
Pre-stretch 50% 50%

the new Sustainable Innovation model for flexible packaging

We support our customers to reach emissions reduction during the life cycle of their products. Greenside is a Sustainable Innovation Model for the complete range of Crocco products.

Available solutions for this product:

Carbon Neutral Downgauging

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